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My position

I have no theory in mind, at best questions, even questions I ask myself. I make use of the virtues of science, because its principles are binding for my work. My work involves the quest for truth. Questions help me to start a dialogue, to deepen it in conversation and, step by step, to specify new insights. It is always about getting closer to the facts, returning new information to its origin and locating problems. In the end, I want to understand a complex system and gain new insights. Based on empirical analyses, I examine rational and economic systems as well as precisely measurable variables. Through mindful, methodical work, I want to grasp a thought directly and clearly and pursue it in depth. I want to get to its core as much as possible. Like an axiom, I want to circle around a question and comprehend a complex thought system in order to come as close as possible to the inner logic, the DNA of the task. 

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